Sunday, November 10, 2013

1983 Horror Fiction Panel Featuring King, Straub, Wagner & More!

An unexpected treat today, thanks to a TMHF Facebook pal who alerted me to its existence just this morning. This is a 50-minute video of a horror fiction panel from 1983 - yes, 1983, 30 years ago exactly - featuring the greats: Stephen King. Peter Straub. Karl Edward Wagner. Charles L. Grant. Dennis Etchison. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Whitley Strieber. Alan Ryan. I mean what!


Authorfan said...

Thanks for sharing this video. It made my day.

Ron Clinton said...

This is wonderful -- thanks for posting it.

Alejandro Omidsalar said...

Just in case anyone missed it on the YouTube page, I found a pertinent comment:

"One important note on this video: I was intrigued by the repeated mentions of Angela Taylor Burgess (cited by Strieber and King as one of the great horror authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries). I contacted Strieber about this, as I could find no information about her at all (after searching through every nook and cranny of the Internet). Strieber admitted that this was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the panel. In an email communication with me, he states: 'As I recall this was a prank played by the panel. I was elected to lead it off. The author doesn't exist.' Just wanted to make this clear, so no one else goes on a similar wild goose chase."

Just FYI, fellow horror fans.

Stranger On A Train said...